The Mouth-blown Glass

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When we look at an artistic glass, most of the times we do not think about that glass that was used.
We just think “it’s glass”! …As if there was just one type of coloured glass, which in our mind is flat and homogeneous!

Since ancient times though, stained glass windows were made using mouth-blown glass because there were no other ways to flatten the glass mass in order to make a thin sheet, “ready to be cut” from the diamond tip.

This art that has been carried on for centuries is almost disappearing nowadays and there are just few companies that still produce this precious glass. One of these (I would say the best known worldwide), is the German Lamberts.
Here there’s the link to an youtube video where you can see the process of mouth-blowing:

The characteristics of the blown glass are just incredible:
First of all, each glass plate is an unique piece that has shades and colors that are always different. It can be a single layer or a two-layer-glass that allows you to get even more varied colors. These are unique artworks themselves, which can become pieces of furniture and lighting.
Only the plated (double layer) glass can be used for the craving technique, which consists in removing the colored layer in some places to achieve spectacular artistic effects.
Secondly, only the blown glass, thanks to its imperfections and irregular air bubbles, can create remarkable atmospheres due to the vibrant colours and the light that passes through.
Thirdly, just have a look at these stunning glass sheets! You will understand immediately why the mouth-blown glass is so precious.

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