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The S. Maria della Misericordia Church, located in Baranzate in the Milan province, represents a building of religious and social importance and a modern work of art in the town’s history that is still today object of study by architects and designers.

The restoration of Nostra Signora della Misericordia Church had the purpose of restoring its original aspect, adapting the building to the required needs and comforts, with reference to the building that Cardinal Montini consecrated on the 7th of November 1958. This project is a rewriting of the same work: a very particular condition of the restoration which suggests a redefinition of the same work.


What was left by the original building has created in this work the unavoidable thread to go along once again. Just like its iconography, witnessed by Mangiarotti, Morassuti, Favini’s pictures and publications, but, in this case, exceptionally documented by Giorgio Casali’s pictures, which he took with the designers when the yard started.

Inside the church’s global restoration there is the renovation of the metal structures and of the glass façades.

The several problems faced to restore the building according to the author’s purpose required the architects to draw a detailed project (Architect Giulio Barazzetta and SBG Architects). The drafting of the working plan with the construction of the metal structure and the glass components with the study and the technical-artistic research of the Progetto Arte Poli company resolving the different technical problems to guarantee an anti-seismic structure, heat insulation and sound-proofing but meeting at the same time the original project both architecturally and stylistically.


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