And this time it’s for real.

A glass planisphere in which meridians and parallels are made with the Tiffany linking technique, a majestic lamp that today adorns the entrance of one of the most important steel mills in Moscow.  

The world is an important symbol: it conveys the idea that the studio operates on a global scale but also that with its production it brings innovation and progress, in essence it illuminates the world that without steel (in this case) would not have the same thrust.   The work consists of two hemispheres, northern and southern which, thanks to strong but invisible hinges, allow the lamp to be opened for any maintenance. The equator made of brass and the two thicker cylindrical bands, recalling the ancient nineteenth-century planispheres, provide greater rigidity and support.

The large Ms, also in brass, recall the company name and brand.   The technique used for the realization of each of these items recall that of the artistic lamps of the early twentieth century invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany who gave the name to the binding technique also used for this artwork.  

Each glass piece was decorated with the techniques of engraving and grisaille to give a sense of three-dimensionality by removing the surface part from the precious mouth blown glass.   The creation of custom-made lamps is the result of the encounter between the POLI ARTE experience in the furniture design sector (the first company founded by the Master Albano Poli in the 60-70s) and PROGETTO ARTE POLI, which is involved in the realization of the artistic glass windows both in the sacred and private sectors.   If you are interested in creating a glass sculpture of this type, Progetto Arte Poli is certainly the Italian company of reference, a large studio that has been able to maintain the manual craftsmanship characteristic of Made in Italy.

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